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The digital newsletter we send to your alumni email account.Here you will find news of the UT and information about activities at the UT. Then check your alumni email account or read the newsletter digitally. The English version of the University of Twente magazine is published digitally twice a year and contains in-depth features about developments at the UT as well as interesting stories about alumni.

If you haven't received either the newsletter or magazine but would like to receive them you can update you contact information here.

You can use the alumni portal to get in touch with old classmates and/or contact other interesting alumni.

The features of the portal include a contact book, an alumni directory, and a mail client for both your alumnus e-mail account and other used mail services (i.e. If you want to directly log into the portal you can use this link.

As a UT alumnus you are entitled to an an alumni portal account.

The UT offers its alumni several services to make their lives a bit easier.

All UT alumni receive a free 'lifelong' e-mail account (first name [email protected]).

The University uses this address for its communications with you such as in the case of sending the monthly alumni newsletter or sharing information about interesting events.

If you have never received login details for your alumnus e-mail account or have forgotten your password please visit the following part of the website: update your information Mail forwarding can also be easily set-up for those users not interested in using their alumni e-mail address as a primary account.

For more details, see the alumni portal manual on this page.


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