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Main St., Attleboro, MA 02703 Ayer District Court,25 E.

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A high-security weekend operation has emptied the Middlesex County Jail in Cambridge of all its inmates.

Though the move from the notoriously obsolete Thorndike Street high-rise to the Billerica House of Corrections has long been planned, the sheriff’s office carried it out in secret.'The Slammer In The Sky'Seventeen floors up a hollowed-out high-rise in Cambridge, the secret plan began unfolding Friday morning.

Everyone was escaping, corrections officers and inmates alike.

Only the residents of “the slammer in the sky,” as some call it, did not yet know."The less that they know the better," Middlesex Sheriff Peter Koutoujian said.

"They’ll know soon enough."Koutoujian and sheriffs before him all wanted to break out from the Middlesex Jail.

And practically everyone who knew the jail agreed with Koutoujian that it was about time."Every single day we had to worry about elevator failures, steam failures, hot water failures, water failures, electrical failures," he explained.

Now that he’d won a brand new temporary home up at the House of Corrections in Billerica, the sheriff could finally give the order: Move out.

Two-hundred-and-twenty pre-trial detainees were residing in the cell blocks “above the red." That’s the 17th-story stripe around the building that visually separates the jail and makes it an area landmark.

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