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This document provides a list of free nautical charts and online publications / Ce document fournit une liste de cartes marines gratuites et d'ouvrages nautiques en ligne.

For navigation use only updated regulatory documents / Pour la navigation n'utiliser que des documents réglementaires à jour.

GPS is more accurate than nautical charts / Un GPS est plus précis qu'un carte marine.

Web Servers / Serveurs Web You can use the nearest or faster server / Vous pouvez utiliser le serveur le plus proche ou le plus rapide : TEC Disturbance Index This index is defined as the mean deviation of the current conditions for the Total Electron Count (TEC) in the ionosphere from a 15-day running median reference data.

An index of 1.5 mean there is a deviation of 150% between the current and the average TEC values.

It is representative of the deviation of current ionospheric conditions from those expected by an usual GPS receiver.This deviation can cause a position error if it remain uncorrected.For the real GPS position errors refer to the L1 map below.S4 Index Ionospheric scintillation occurs when a radio frequency signal traverses a region of small scale irregularities in electron density in the ionosphere.This is a rapid fluctuation of radio-frequency signal amplitude.The S4 Index quantified this amplitude scintillation with a measure of the short timescale fluctuation in the signal to noise of a transmission.

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