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It also provides support for Transport Pipeline tracing. Exchange Server 2007 uses some parts of the Windows Server 2003 Internet Information Services (IIS) infrastructure for Exchange services like Outlook Web Access (OWA) and services like POP3 and IMAP4. SYS is the IIS core component which controls a lot of related IIS components.Exchange Server 2007 is the first Exchange Server which has no dependencies on IIS 6.0 for the Windows built in SMTP service. Because Exchange Server 2007 does not provide OMA (Outlook Mobile Access) support, there is no OMA Application pool in IIS and the only Exchange Application pool in Exchange Server 2003 has been divided into five Application Pools in Exchange Server 2007: Figure 3: Exchange Server integration into IIS As you can see in Figure 3 Exchange uses some IIS Application pools and messaging services like IMAPSVC under the control of INETINFO. Note: Exchange Server 2007 does not need an installed Windows NNTP service.You must uninstall the NNTP service before installing Exchange Server 2007.

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Exchange Server 2007 is more than an e-mail system.

Exchange Server 2007 has several functions, from e-mail messaging, calendaring and real time collaboration to Unified Messaging.

All these Exchange components must work together and several components from Exchange also rely on a lot of Windows Server components like DNS, Active Directory and IIS.

The following picture shows the Exchange Server 2007 core services, but there are more Exchange related services like: Figure 1: Exchange core services Many Exchange 2007 services have dependencies on other Exchange and Windows services.

You can see the dependencies in the properties of the specific service or in the Registry under: Figure 2: Exchange Service Dependencies The Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology service and provides Active Directory topology information to several Exchange Server components.

This service uses DSACCES to provide faster access to Active Directory information.The Microsoft Exchange information Store service is responsible for handling the Exchange database and providing access for messaging clients like Outlook 200x.The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service has no dependencies on other Exchange services.The Microsoft Exchange Mail Submission Service is responsible for the communication between the Exchange Server with the Hub Transport Server role and the Mailbox Server role.This service informs the Hub Transport Server when new messages are in the Outlook clients’ Outbox.The Hub Transport Server picks up this message and is responsible for relaying and other tasks (Transport rules, Message Records Management etc.).


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