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Signal generation and recording/playback are also available.Designed for users needing a high quality spectrum analyzer with a minimal learning curve.

A wide selection of tools and utilities for signal generation, distortion and reverberation measurements are available plus the ability to automate the analyzer for production testing or other needs. custom designed precision data acquisition sound card specifically developed for test and measurement applications.

it features fixed gain steps for easy calibration to your transducer sensitivity, IEPE power for accelerometers and microphones, and standard BNC connectors widely used in test environments.

Exceptional dynamic range and extremely low distortion.

Click here for detailed specifications and test plots Spectra PLUS-RT and SC also support the Digiducer integrated accelerometer.

is software package specifically designed around the Data Translation line of USB Data Acquisition modules.

Up to 16 channels of acquisition and analysis with calibrated input levels, IEPE transducer power, AC or DC coupling and tachometer inputs.Data Translation offers a complete line of modules from low cost to high speed and high performance.Click here for more information on the Data Translation hardware.Sound Spectrum offers easy-to-use, rich music visualization software, full-featured standalone applications, and screen savers.See what your favorite live and pre-recorded music looks like with one of our real-time visualizers, giving you endless and unique video for any environment!Free trial versions of Aeon, G-Force, Soft Skies, and White Cap music visualizers are available for Windows Media Player, i Tunes, and other audio players.

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