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Be well, Christina, my dear friend and most wonderful lady. The behavour of the folks you describe is common al throughout this world. Though we are all uniquely individual, we are also of one family. Things are about to undergo a drastic change for the better. I love everyone, no matter what language they speak, what planet they come from, or what they believe in.

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Did you know that a Portuguese wrote the American National Anthem..he was of Portuguese descent. For I have found my spiritual roots and the future is now very clear.

The ukelele has origin from the people from the Azores. I send much love, many blessings, and good karma your way with lots of hugs and kisses in the manner of the Ancient Ones.

LOLAfter living in Portugal, I got a first hand view of how insensitive and disrespectful the majority are towards each other and animals. The d A Sweet 16 Party Opening Message:iconfella2plz: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DA!

Another reason is that back in Australia I was foreign even though I was born there and I was terrified about racist comments on my behalf. Funny is that after I went to live in Portugal at the age 16, Portuguese called me foreign me for a while. Deviant ART is sixteen years old as of August 7th of 2016.If I am not Australian and if I am not Portuguese the who the hell am I? For the last eleven of these years, the Slow Dog has been here, uploading art, admiring art, and making friends all over the world.Now I am just a citizen of the world, more at peace and live in the Netherlands. Many changes have occurred since signing up for a core membership a little over a year after joining the world's largest art community in July of 2005. Featured Art Deviant Artist Questionnaire Opening Message I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have visited and watched, commented on and favorited works from my gallery, and exchanged llamas here on d A.La música del altiplano andino gozó de fama mundial en los años 60 y 70 gracias al movimiento de cantautores de protesta, tales como los chilenos Víctor Jara, Quilapayún o Inti-Illimani, popularizándose en la escena folk mundial e influyendo a músicos de otras latitudes como Simon and Garfunkel.Ejemplos de ello son la melodía de la canción The Sounds of Silence y, sobre todo, la versión de El cóndor pasa, compuesta por el peruano Daniel Alomía Robles y popularizada por Simon and Garfunkel.Hoy la música andina, tras su reconocimiento y difusión dentro y fuera de sus fronteras, sigue siendo reivindicada por artistas como Los Kjarkas, Savia Andina, Kala Marka, Wayanay Inka, Alborada, Illapu, Inti-Illimani, Quilapayún o Los Calchakis.Música andina es un término que se aplica a una gama muy vasta de géneros musicales originados en los Andes sudamericanos, aproximadamente en el área dominada por los incas previa al contacto europeo.


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