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Diễn giả Việt Nam không biết là học giả hay học thiệt.

Cái màn trình diễn khẳng định chủ quyền Việt Nam nghe mỏi tai từ chính quyền sở tại mấy năm nay rồi (2 câu đầu), cứ đu dây và bợ bàn tọa thiên triều mãi thôi.

10 ngày trước đây thì có thêm chương trình TV nói vụ cá chết ở Chí Lợi.

Bên Chí Lợi cá chết vì rong đỏ nhiều hơn VN và nguyên nhân minh bạch rõ ràng hơn, rong biển còn tấp cả vào bờ huống gì cá chết. Từ phía bên ngoài thì khó có ai lên tiếng dù là khoa học gia.

VN thì đích thị là ô nhiễm hóa học rồi ngoại trừ chính quyền VN đi mua rong biển đỏ bên Chí Lợi về đang đêm nhào ra bãi biển rải làm vật chứng giả. Snapshot của phim chiếu hoa đỏ của rong biển Chí Lợi: (* nguồn: đài ARD / Đức) ".....

But we do believe in certain universal values and it’s important for us to speak out on behalf of those values wherever we go.

And it’s particularly important and useful for me to hear directly from those who, under often very difficult conditions, are willing to make their voices heard on behalf of greater freedom and human rights.

I should note that there were several other activists who were invited who were prevented from coming for various reasons.

And I think it’s an indication of the fact that, although there has been some modest progress and it is our hope that through some of the legal reforms that are being drafted and passed there will be more progress, there are still folks who find it very difficult to assemble and organize peacefully around issues that they care deeply about. ICT PRESIDENT OBAMA: I just had a wonderful conversation with some preeminent civil society activists here in Vietnam.

And it’s my hope that the government of Vietnam comes to recognize what we’ve recognized and what so many countries around the world have recognized, and that is that it’s very hard to prosper in this modern economy if you haven’t fully unleashed the potential of your people. And I just want to thank them for taking the time to meet with me and discussing with me some of the important work that they’re doing, and the progress that’s being made here in Vietnam. We have pastors whose congregations are doing important work helping individuals fight addiction and encouraging the faithful around the values of their faith.

is 1 in which leaders hold elections and tolerate some pluralism and interparty competition, but violate minimal democratic norms so severely and systematically that it makes no sense to classify them as democracies.


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