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Google,” says Rabbi Eitan Eckstein, founder and CEO of Retorno Jewish International Rehabilitation Center, a drug rehabilitation facility located in Israel. Sedatives and painkillers can be purchased without a prescription from “Dr.

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Children from the finest families may use drugs,” Rabbi Dr. Twerski, noted psychiatrist and specialist in addictions, wrote in these pages back in 2008.

Moreover, obtaining drugs today requires little skill.

“The drugs can come straight to your door,” says Rabbi Dov Silver, founder and executive vice president of Madraigos, a social services organization in Woodmere, New York.

“Dealers make it easy for you; they’ll meet you in your neighborhood or make home deliveries.” For many, all it takes is a visit to the family medicine cabinet.

Teens are getting addicted to cocaine and heroin because they are buying marijuana laced with these drugs.

“We are seeing a lot more overdoses within the community [because of this],” says Moshe Yachnes, an Orthodox therapist at Sunspire Health Recovery Road, a drug rehab in Florida.

“People are mixing drugs and frankly, it’s more dangerous.” Younger and Younger What’s even more startling is that teens are using drugs at younger and younger ages.

“My younger kids had some friends over, and one of them, who was about twelve, was making jokes about weed,” says a mother of a drug-dependent teen.

Common prescription pain medications such as Oxy Contin and Percocet, both of which contain the narcotic alkaloid oxycodone, can lead to serious, life-threatening addictions.

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