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Consider the service as an insurance policy to verify if the Filipina is who she claims to be.

These services typically take about 7 days to complete, and if done by a professional, the subject will never learn of the investigation, they said.

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Private investigators are reporting a dramatic increase in Filipino dating scams that have left thousands of men out of love and in financial ruin.

Philippine PI, a professional private investigation company based in the U. specializing in Philippines background checks and investigation services, announced today a sharp rise in the reported number of internet dating scams affecting clients from the U. “The risk from romance scams and internet fraud involving the Philippines is greater than ever,” said company vice president William Carter.

Carter’s company alone reported this month that background checks and private investigations for internet scams are up 30% over 2009 levels.

He urged urge consumers to proceed with caution in romantic relationships involving the Philippines.

“Although pre-employment, due diligence and corporate fraud cases have decreased due to the staggering global economy, infidelity and romance scam cases are up significantly,” said Carter.

His company, Philippine PI expects to report an annual growth rate of 25% for 2010 primarily due to the increase in background checks and surveillance services resulting from romance scam cases.

Philippine PI is one of the largest private investigation firms operating in the Philippines, with agents in Manila, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan.

Simon Birch who has over 18 years of experience in private investigation services and covert surveillance writes that the Philippines continues to be a major exporter of foreign brides and relationship scams.

“Many Filipinas are honest, beautiful women simply looking for a better life, an opportunity to escape the poverty. Other Filipinas, and increasingly so, are looking to cash in on the profitable industry of relationship and dating scams,” states Birch, a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania.

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