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This design features a dark espresso background, along with pretty pink tablecloth and pink rose heart-shaped wreath. A large pink chandelier is hanging over the bed lighting up part of the card in the shape of a heart. Let your love know that your happiness together is important with this unique card created by Kerra Lindsey.

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A blending of an Art Deco style with the Latin flavor of San Francisco's Mission District creates a most stylish Valentine for your Love.

A sweet table for two men, with cups of latte for Mr. A cute card for the newlywed's first Valentine's Day. Let me know if there is something you would like altered on this card. The inside verse sample can be changed to your liking. Linda This Lesbian Valentine's Day card for Wife features an original cartoon drawing of 2 cute women in bed.

This design features a dark espresso background, along with pretty pink tablecloth and pink rose heart-shaped wreath. Fun, romantic and humorous with a caption that says (you light up my life), it is sweet and a tiny bit naughty. Your darling, your Valentine, your love, will be thrilled to receive this gorgeous rose card for that special gay partner you spend your Valentine's Day with, as well as being your marvelous life partner.

Tell your wonderful wife just how much you love her with this Happy Valentine's Day design that features an underwater scene with waves and a heart pattern.

Two girl fish are kissing and making a big heart with bubbles. Inside sentiment is a whimsical pun "Your love makes me bubbly all over!

" This romantic but fun gay Valentine's Day card for a Life Partner features an original cartoon drawing of a male couple in bed.

In rich reds, with touches of pink and lilac, it is full of love, romance and humour.

It's caption says (You light up my life) while the light from a pink chandelier hanging over the bed creates a heart shape on the smiling couple.

Show your partner some love with Gay/Lesbian Valentine's Day cards for the most romantic holiday of the year.

Go over the rainbow and be over the moon with our collection of 340+ one of a kind designs that will definately put some sparkle or some sizzle into your relationship when you add your personal message.

Looking for a special Valentine for the gay man you love?


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