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Following a series of disastrous encounters with such folks as an aggressive farmer's daughter, a not so innocent virgin, and an unhappy housewife, Finster decides to attend an orgy.

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Britton, a respected sex therapist who has taught at Stanford University Medical Center, is taking her practice on to the Web, creating what she believes is the first on-line sex therapy clinic.

But if you need advice on your, well, sexual concerns, Dr.

"Essentially it's a comprehensive, full-service sex clinic located in virtual space," Britton said from her Twin Peaks home.

Countless Web sites provide information on sex and sex counseling, and a few even provide e-mail responses to people's queries.

However, promises to be the first to provide one-on-one sessions with a trained sexologist. A half-hour session with Britton costs $75, while an individualized e-mail reply costs $25.

Something Weird's version of this hoary porn title ends abruptly, but the truncation doesn't spoil much -it's a waste of talent. First sex scene has Randy West as Rock humping a girl on a couch, and he's amusing in his improvising.

Kitsch (Herschel Savage), who experiments in mind control, using a spoken phrase to activate his subjects.

Bearded prof Savage phone him and says "Humpty Dumpty", causing Randy to go to a dungeon where a Black dominatrix (Gloria Todd) humps him.

Same phrase is used to activate Marlene Willoughby, who takes on a long-haired guy. Fleagle is worried about his assistant Marianne, but is impressed with what he observes.

I was impressed with Willoughby's comic talent, especially when she's in a trance.

The "Humpty Dumpty" signal works to get Savage's cute assistant Marcy to hump Fleagle.

Another porn movie, another gimmick, in a lesser effort from prolific director Richard Mailer.

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