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In de indrukwekkende abdij Stift Klosterneuburg, niet ver van de Oostenrijkse hoofdstad Wenen, is op 4 november de nieuwe wijn van de oogst van 2014 officieel gezegend door abt en provoost Bernhard Backovsky.

De Taufwein, of gezegende wijn, kreeg de naam door de ontvangers van de Oostenrijkse Bacchusprijs 2014, voetballer Herbert Prohaska en importeur van Oostenrijkse wijnen in Nederland Regina Meij.

Which is why good quality in the cellars now can be looked forward to.

But only once it is blessed can the wine be officially designated as “wine”.

The blessing of Austria’s wine, which is celebrated alternately in the country’s four main generic wine regions, was conducted this year in Niederösterreich (Lower Austria), in the abbey of the Augustinian cannons, Stift Klosterneuburg.

At the abbey, which marks its 900th anniversary this year, Abbot Primate and Provost Bernhard Backovsky officially blessed the young wine.

Along with the wine blessing was the awarding of the Austrian Bacchus Prize. Meij bestowed the “Taufwein” – a “Junger Klosterneuburger 2014” blend of Müller Thurgau, Grüner Veltliner and Frühroter Veltliner – with the special name of Samtosha.

Wine devotee Herbert Prohaska received the award in the national category, and Regina Meij, a wine seller in the Netherlands, was awarded the prize in the international category for her 20 years of building and supporting Austrian wine sales in that country. This is a well-known Sanskrit term used in yoga philosophy, and means contentment, to accept and be satisfied with things as they are. His many years as a top international player allowed him to travel far and wide and gain a vast overview of the world’s wines.Herbert Prohaska – Footballer and Wine Lover As “Austria’s Footballer of the 20th Century”, Herbert Prohaska – one could assume – would likely have an affinity for beer. During his time with Inter Milan, he discovered the pleasures of Piemonte wines.Back in Austria, he became more and more interested in the domestic quality wines and began to fall in love especially with the reds.He quickly developed many friendships with Austrian winemakers while becoming a popular oenophile in public life.Prohaska also established his living environment in a wine-growing area.He lives with his family in the town of Klosterneuburg and thoroughly enjoys the atmosphere of the local Buschenschank taverns there.


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