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Go the OV-chipkaart site (click on the UK version for English) and follow the steps or pick up the form at a station. If you ride the NS train, you must have a minimum of EUR 20 loaded onto the card every time you ride.For transport in the Amsterdam region, there is no minimum balance required on your kaart and you can use it in many other systems outside of the city.Advantages For the individual card only you can choose to have it automatically ‘loaded’ from your bank account up to either EUR 10 or EUR 20 when the amount in the card falls below EUR 5, so you won’t waste time uploading from the machine and won’t get ‘caught out’ on a trip with no credit.

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Should you lose your individual card, call 0900 0980 to block it (use the website to block it should the phone service not be available in the timeframe you call). You don’t need to send in for another card as the system carries a duplicate photo and you’ll be issued with a new card to the cost of EUR 2.50 for administration.

Applying for a reduction card Discount cards need to be individual cards.

You use the same form but it is clear from your date of birth which category you fit into.

From 65 years on you are entitled to a senior citizen’s tariff.

1 comment The OV-chipkaart has been the sole payment method for the Amsterdam metro from 27 August 2009 and will be the sole method of payment for bus and tram travel in Amsterdam from the end of 2009.

Amsterdam’s public transport company GVB estimates that by the end of 2010 most of the Netherlands will have turned over to the new system and by 2011 the whole country.

Buying and crediting a card The cards are issued anonymously or for a named individual.

Anonymous card Currently, you buy an anonymous card ‘for free’ at EUR 5; this money is counted toward your credit.

You ‘load’ the anonymous smart-card at a vending machine.

You can buy an anonymous card at or public transport stations in major Dutch cities and regions which have gone over to the smart-card system. Anyone entitled to a reduction, apart from university students who order one via a different route, needs to apply for an individual card from the GVB.

Individual card You can apply for the individual card by post or online.


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