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Generalnie interesuje mnie utwór, który ona zaczyna grać - oraz ten końcowy przed jej występem.

Unfortunately Frankie also goes deaf during the course of his career and we are left wondering if Frankie will ever kick his coke habit and continue DJing to the crowds… The Kevin and Perry characters were originally shown as part of comedian Harry Enfield’s ‘Kevin the Teenager’ sketch for his Harry Enfield’s Television Programme.

In Kevin & Perry Go Large we follow the two teenagers to Ibiza as they want to become superstar DJs.

It is a laugh a minute film with the pair trying their luck with the girls, and has a soundtrack with tunes that are instantly recognisable. I’ll be honest here, I saw this film ages ago but it cropped up again as I was researching this article for films.

The soundtrack looks amazing with loads of trance tracks, so I’ll be buying this one myself and watching it again 🙂 I do remember the plot vaguely that the main character’s brother is dead, hence he is in London.

He meets his brother’s friends and gets involved in the London club scene getting off his face – sounds like a typical Sorted weekend in London! Some scenes are filmed at the infamous Ministry of Sound too!

Czy ktoś może mi konkretnie podesłać pomysły gdzie można takie luminescencyjne farby do ciała kupić? innych powierzchni : D Wiem, że są takie pasty fluo i luminescencyjne, czy tylko ja nie potrafię tego znaleźć?

:(Film opowiada o życiu młodego pokolenia - o słabościach, lękach, porażkach, ale również o przyjaźni, miłości i wierze w lepsze jutro.

Smutki i dramaty bohaterów przeplatają się w nim z ekstatycznymi stanami pożądania i euforii. Wie ktoś może, co to za utwór w okolicy 58 minuty, kiedy Erika zmienia DJ`a, oraz sama zaczyna miksować?

If you haven’t ventured into the world of clubbing movies yet, here are five films that I think you should watch! Where have you been if you haven’t heard of Human Traffic?

Some film critics will say that there hasn’t been a decent clubbing movie, they are all badly written, badly directed, etc. The plot revolves round a group of friends getting messy and have the “best night of our lives”.

So sit back, relax, neck one – a drink that is 😉 😛 and get on it as we take a trip down memory lane with 5 classic clubbing movies made for the weekend!


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  3. Date night doesn’t need to mean a formulaic chick-flick that’s going to have one-half of the couple squirming and checking baseball updates on his phone.

  4. In about 10 more years it will make me feel ancient to say that I was around when internet dating sites first began to boom.

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