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Kaltura’s open source platform includes hundreds of REST-based application programming interfaces (APIs) providing programmable access to every core service of the platform.

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The Test Console automatically creates sample code for your specific API calls in various programming languages.

To enable easy integration with Kaltura’s platform, we provide several API client libraries (API SDK) written in all common programming languages.

Along with powerful streaming and media management APIs, our standard compliant Video Player SDK, based on Adobe Flash and HTML5, features true cross-platform video and rich-media playback.

The Kaltura Video Player SDK includes a rich set of APIs for player embedding, customization, white-labeling and integration via Javascript or Action Script 3.0.

By leveraging the Kaltura Player you can create your own custom players with less effort and at no cost!

Kaltura API implements several levels of security, enabling proper API usage entitlement to end-users, publisher admin users and platform admin users.

Each API session is restricted by user permissions and is secured by a session token that is generated with specific credentials and/or secret keys.

Learn more about APIs on the Kaltura Knowledge Center * if your Kaltura package/ license includes full access.

HWDMedia Share is an open source (GNU GPL) media sharing gallery for videos, photos, audio and documents - all within a single package.


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