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p=..22c3cdc3d7b046 but for this you will have to compile your own, changes in the source tree of November of 2012 won't hit Ubuntu for quite some time .I have just taken the new filter for a ride now and it works very nicely... Mencoder's primary target during development was AVI, so even though it's old and not really being developed any more, mencoder still does an excellent job with AVI's. ) Probably not, but you can with ffmpeg as Andrew mentioned with the "a-s-s" (the hypens are due to forum censorship) or "subtitles" filters.

See How to burn subtitles into the video for examples, and How to Compile FFmpeg and x264 on Ubuntu if you'd like to give it a try.

Probably not, but you can with ffmpeg as Andrew mentioned with the "a-s-s" (the hypens are due to forum censorship) or "subtitles" filters.

libav does not cherry pick or merge much from FFmpeg, so it lacks many filters among other things.

To be clear, I wasn't endorsing the AVI container, but simply mentioning that mencoder does well when converting things to that target. It's not as flexible as MKV (seriously terrible softsub support), but it's certainly an improvement over AVI.

Matroska is clearly the best available container format, but getting commercial entities like television manufacturers to adopt anything created in the open world is like pulling teeth. Of course, that doesn't help people who don't have the latest tech.

It should be noted that, as of me writing this, that compilation guide doesn't include how to compile ffmpeg with hard-subtitles-burning support.

To do that, you need to install libass-dev at the 'installing dependencies' stage, and add the flag --enable-libass to the ./configure stage of ffmpeg.

Something that probably won't come up but that should be kept in mind, is that the subtitle filter doesn't seem able to handle filenames with funny characters, even if they're contained within "".

Fake Outdoorsman, I know it's your guide originally, would you be OK for me to add these steps into the compilation?


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