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To do this he implemented Google Adsense ads on his site and due to the high level of traffic the site enjoyed, it quickly started producing nice-sized checks for Markus, to the tune of millions of dollars a year.

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The difference here is that Myspace is generally more of a social website while Plenty of fish is a dating site.

In other words while many people try to find themselves dates on Myspace, often times the people they contact might not be there for dating.

On POF you'll know that at least the people you contact are somewhat serious about dating and open to messages about it.

On this webpage you'll gain some insight into how Plentyoffish was created, how easy it is to join and set up a profile and some of the pro's and cons of the dating site!

Men's Dating Life website and author Ashley Davis bring you this great guide designed to help you attract more women, whether you're using online dating or trying to meet females in the real world. The free dating website Plentyoffish was started by a young man in his late 20's named Markus Frind, a graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Back in 2003, Markus was learning the programming language known as ASP. In order to learn this language, he chose to create an online dating site, and it became quite popular in his home country of Canada.

Due to the great effects of word of mouth and viral marketing, Plenty of Fish quickly expanded to the UK, Australia, and the United States.

Markus wanted to make this a free dating website and in order to do so he needed it to generate enough revenue to pay for itself.

Plenty of fish dating site pof in Another great thing about advantage of a free online dating service is that they are handy.

plenty of fish dating site pof in Dating sites have set many options for their members to make communication more effective.

Plenty of fish dating site pof in Find a soul mate and friends, who are sincere and open, should not be too difficult for them.

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