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Ichigo is able to read his opponent's movements better than he could when they first fought, managing to wound Ulquiorra, if even slightly.Ichigo surmises that it is either he is becoming more like a hollow or his opponent is becoming more human, which angers Ulquiorra.

Ichigo and Ulquiorra continue their fierce fight as Loly Aivirrne and Menoly Mallia approach Orhime.

Although Loly orders Menoly to rip Orihime to shreds, Menoly refuses, telling Loly that Orihime has outstanding power which can heal anything.

Loly berates Menoly and begins to torture Orihime by herself as Ichigo tries to reach Orihime despite Ulquiorra blocking him.

When Yammy Riyalgo suddenly arrives, he kills Menoly and injures Loly when Ulquiorra refuses to let him fight Ichigo.

Orihime heals Loly, who then releases her zanpakutō, Escolopendra, revealing herself with multiple venomous skeletal tentacles.

As Loly squares off with Yammy, he punches her through the wall and lets her fall, seemingly to her death.He then aims for Orihime, who tries to defend herself with Santen Kesshun as Ichigo still tries to defeat Ulquiorra.Meanwhile, Rukia Kuchiki continues to fight Rudbornn Chelute and the Exequias as Chad and Renji slaughter more hollows.The story will continue the fight between Soul Society's Soul Reapers and Sōsuke Aizen's arrancar army as the former defends Karakura Town from the latter's invasion, while Ichigo and his group fight the arrancars in Hueco Mundo to rescue Orihime Inoue.The season started airing on April 13, 2010 in Japan on TV Tokyo.The episodes uses six pieces of theme music: two opening themes and four closing themes.

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