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Tickets can be filled out by marking 6 numbers or by buying a computer drawn ticket.For the national lottery there are a fixed number of digits on a ticket which is known as a décimo, or the tenth part of a whole lottery ticket.

This is a bonus to promote lottery in Spain and the E-JACKPOT JOKER POWER is a free Emaill Lottery Draws fully based on an electronic selection of winners using their e-mail addresses from a world micro-soft database site operating in excess of over 35 years, BTS "Bonoloto Spain" has serviced more than 900,000 customers in over 50 countries to date.

BTS "Bonoloto Spain" distributes lottery products worldwide via mail-order, as a direct lottery service partner for a number of Europe, America, Africa, Asian and South Pacific nations and its industry leading TMS Global Services and operates under strict government supervision and is an accredited sales agent of the following Spanish lottery operators.

Lottery tickets can be purchased at any of the local state lottery shops which are called Loterias y Apuestas del Estado.

Marked by their blue colour, the shops offer four different games that run throughout the week.

La Loteria Nacional is played every Thursday and Saturday; the Bonoloto, which is drawn every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; la Primitiva, which is drawn every Thursday and Saturday and the large jackpot, El Gordo de la Primitiva, which is drawn every Sunday.

The price of tickets varies depending on the game played.The Bonoloto is 50 cents a bet, the Primitiva is 1€ and El Gordo de la Primitiva is 20€.Buy from someone in the street and expect to pay 2€ extra.La Primitiva is one of the oldest lotteries of our time, with a history dating back to the year 1763 where the so called “Loteria Real” (Royal Lottery) was introduced by the king as the official Spanish lottery.In 2013, Primitiva made its mark on the list of the world’s biggest lottery wins.At Marialotto, you can play La Primitiva online - a modern, safe and convenient way of taking part in over 200 years of lotto tradition!

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