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I have been running for a little more than a year and was "self coached" when I signed up for camp.All of the books, articles, and blogs I've read came together as Greg and Staff explained their training philosophy.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk with all of the elite coaches and have all of your advice. I am back home training and feeling very motivated…

Whether you are new to running, already training regularly or competing, this Weekend Training Camp will provide you with advice, motivation and great running.

This Weekend Training Camp is for everyone regardless of level - really!

You will not be put under pressure, nor will you hold other runners back - you will work at your own pace.

We split into groups so you’ll always be running with others at your own pace and speed so there’s absolutely no need to worry that you might be too slow (or fast! We know that this is often one of the worries many people have when thinking about joining us but we promise that you’ll always have somebody to run and train with.

What we guarantee is that you’ll have a brilliant time with us in Portugal, enjoy excellent coached training sessions in some all-important sunshine, have time to relax and make new friends or catch up with some old ones.

From the moment you land in Faro, we’ll look after everything for you...

all you need to do is have fun and train hard (or easy if you prefer!

Gain confidence, learn about training and receive coaching to set you off on the right track.

With its commanding views of the Chess Valley, Latimer Place is a magnificent destination set in 30 wonderful acres of grounds on the edge of Chiltern's countryside - a tranquil setting and perfect for running in the surrounding region.

Additional benefits are a gym, indoor swimming pool, sauna and steam room.


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