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Still, there’s evil, and then there’s this parrot, who’s basically the feathered version of Mr. Suffice it to say, however, that it would be hard to conceive of any future Scooby-Doo series ever reaching the epic, insane heights of what happens over the course of this hour, let alone its entire two seasons to date.These characters, who were introduced in a series where their chase scenes were choreographed to bubblegum pop and they were regularly pulling rubber masks off of petty criminals with delusions of grandeur, have somehow reached a point where Velma is chattering on about string theory, their adventures have gone trans-dimensional, and, so help me God, the whole thing is brought to a conclusion with the help of Harlan Ellison, who, yes, most certainly does provide his own voice.Mind you, this comes on the heels of a season where it was established that Jonny Quest’s dad built Dynomutt, Martha Quinn turned up as the owner of a record store and tried to sell the gang a third-generation bootleg of Scritti Politti’s Christmas album, Fred and Daphne quoted Kirk and Mc Coy as the Mystery Machine blew up, and, so help me God, a dancing dwarf voiced by Michael J.

The biggest change, however, was the decision to serialize the goings-on, maintaining an ongoing plot arc about an enigmatic known only as Mr.

E (voiced by Lewis Black), who regularly provided the gang with clues about a strange secret buried in Crystal Cove’s past.

Since then, Mystery Incorporated has followed some of the traditional Scooby-Doo tropes, generally keeping the monster-of-the-week premise intact, but the writers have continued to up the ante on the back story of Scooby and the gang, revealing that—not unlike Alan Moore’s expansion of the Swamp Thing mythos—they are but the latest in an ongoing series of young mystery-solvers working alongside an animal companion.

Some of the others have included the Mayan Hunters of Secrets and their jaguar, Spot, the Fraternitas Mysterium and their donkey, Gordo, and the Benevolent Lodge of Mystery and their orangutan, Mr.

Peaches, all of whom are primed and ready for their own animated series.

The most notable to the series’ plot, however, was the original Mystery Incorporated, who, instead of a dog, had a parrot mascot named Professor Pericles.Funny thing about Professor Pericles, though: he turned out to be evil, although that may have been slightly telegraphed by the fact that he’s voiced by Udo Kier. E may have seemed to be the series’ big bad when things started, there’s little question that, as this second season—and, quite possibly, the entire series—comes to a close, it’s the Professor who’s the worst of all.Well, that and the fact that, when he made his first appearance on the series, he was sporting a scar, a cataract-in one eye, had a ball and chain clamped around his leg, and was wearing a straitjacket. Trying to describe the goings-on in “Through the Curtain” and “Come Undone” without the necessary frame of reference is somewhat fruitless, as it would literally require a trip through the entire series to date. Maybe we get scrambled channels.” “Rutever.” As Scooby flipped through the channels, as the feed steadied, the afterimage of a well in a field kept coming up between the channels. ” As they watched, a waterlogged, decayed-looking arm sprouted out of the well and pulled the rest if the person up. She seemed to glide forward until she reached the fourth wall, and she slid over the screen’s lower edge. guughhhguh…” was the sound that seemed to come from the little girl, like a last gasp of air around bubbles blocking her windpipe. She then crawled forward at odd angles: her back-most limb reaching over her body to roll her forward, like some kind of demented spider. Vote Republican.” Scooby and Shaggy fainted right away, and Sadako spider walked back into the television, which returned to normal… “Rinfromercial, rinfromercial, Relevangelist, ROX…” And just as Scooby tried to flip pas the FOX network, the image froze onto the image of the well. ” The person fell out of the well, a little girl with long jet-black hair. ” Both of the Cowardly Duo scampered for the far corner of the room and watched in horror as the girl lie still on the “ground” onscreen fro a moment. She moved her head close, to within inches between theirs, and with a voice dripping with evil and malice, she uttered: “I’m Sadako Samarrahara, and this has been FOX news: ‘Fair and Balanced’.

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