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Since then, the 22-year-old actress-singer was snapped holding hands with German producer-DJ Zedd at Golden Globes after-parties, and captioned Zedd as the “Harry to my Sally” in one of the many Instagrams she posted of them.For months, both Gomez and Zedd gave the distinct public impression that they were a couple. Justin Bieber’s and Selena Gomez’s names in headlines drives traffic to websites.

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Later, the couple were snapped enjoying shaved ice treats during a stroll in a Beverly Hills park, then hung out poolside at the nearby Montage Hotel.

They went to a Penthouse Day Club soiree later in West Hollywood.

On Monday, the Biebs and Pierce recorded a playful Snapchat posted by the 19-year-old model, then at a Los Angeles recording studio hours later.

The pair went to the same studio the following night. Nevertheless, disgraced rumormongers insist a “source” revealed their hangout prompted Gomez to conclude that Bieber “blew it.” It’s claimed that, “When she confronted him on the phone about his mind games, he gave the lame excuse of being so busy in the studio.” The imaginary “source” adds, “Now that she has seen the pics of Justin and Jayde, she’s convinced that he absolutely has not changed.” “Maybe he doesn’t hang out with his troublemaker friends anymore, but when it comes to relationships and how to treat women, he doesn’t have a clue,” the fabricated insider went on.

Not only is Selena Gomez's revival (which appropriately happens to be the name of her new album) all about growing into a new, more mature version of herself, but it also peels off the labels of anything she's been associated with in the past—most notably, her relationship with Justin Bieber.

In case there was any confusion over whether or not the 23-year-old has moved on from her ex-boyfriend, she's making a clear stance in the October issue of She recalls waiting to go on stage to perform "The Heart Wants What It Wants"—the song she dedicated to Bieber—for the very first time at the American Music Awards last November."Everybody was talking about the same thing: my relationship," she remembers. I said, 'I want this [performance] to be the last time I have to talk about this. And all I want is to move on.'"A few moments later she took the AMA stage and delivered a raw, emotional performance, tearing up in front of 11.6 million viewers and making everyone realize just how serious of an artist she really is."It was a huge weight lifted off me," Gomez says.

And acknowledge this feeling.'"She ended up clearing out her dressing room and taking a moment for herself."I was kind of devastated," she admits. "That's why, from this point on, I know I can prove myself, you know. I'm sick of all of it."The two have spent some time together, hanging out with mutual friends and working on being just that."Genuinely," she tells the publication, drawing out the word to make her point.

I haven't scratched the surface yet."As for her current relationship with Bieber, Sel Go says they're just friends, but her latest song "Same Old Love" seems to allude to the heartbreak of their rocky past."It's not necessarily about a specific relationship," she promises. "I'll forever support him and love him in a way that...

But I've never wanted to get into anything serious, because I kind of did that.

And I think he respects me, in a healthy manner."In fact, Gomez feels so good about being friends that she's begun dating again, though her attention remains on herself."Finding somebody is not my main focus," she explains. I've been on a few dates, which is really exciting. Hanging out with a group of people and meeting through mutual people."But before all you heartbroken #Jelena fans start crying, know this: when asked if there's a possibility to ever get back together with Bieber again, Gomez didn't deny it."I don't know!

It’s alleged Justin Bieber is on the outs with Selena Gomez because she is “totally done” with him after seeing pics of her ex-boyfriend hanging out with British model Jayde Pierce.


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