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Um acidente trágico, um ato generoso e as vidas de dois adolescentes completamente distintos se unem de forma drástica e permanente. My version of Sarah/Paul love story that starts right after they wake up in Felix's bed in S01E08 and goes on. Getting sick of Oliver's misbehavior, his parents send him to a boarding school for the extremely rich in southern Nevada. After five years...away, because Felicity knows he wasn't on that island all the time, Oliver finally finds his way home.Uma história sobre superação, amor incondicional e aves de papel que realizam seus maiores desejos. If you're crazy about Sarah/Paul, mad that they killed Paul off (and still in denial), and want them together, this is the story for you! When his grades are failing even there, he is left with no choice but to get tutored. Her feelings for him are as strong as ever, but there's something about him that isn't quite right, and she can't seem to figure out what it is that he's hiding from her.

Em uma visita à Kleinfeld em busca de um vestido de madrinha de casamento, Bella se vê em meio a uma surpresa que mudará sua vida por completo e de quebra a fará participar de um de seus programas de TV favoritos, o Vestido Ideal. Can she fight her own attraction to the sexy entrepreneur? Ela vai ajudar os dois a recuperar o tempo perdido e também vai aproveitar... Sure, if you call obsessive fans, prying paps, and the occasional threat of bodily harm glamorous, but Edward was used to all that.

After she's offered a position as the private driver for the Cullen family, her professionalism is challenged when Edward doesn't hide his desire for her. Being a movie star is all glamour and privilege, right?

A new case for Five-0 brings back a member of there Ohana causing Steve Mc Garrett to face a future he thought he'd lost at the same time he's forced to remember events from his past. Luckily for him, resident genius Felicity Smoak comes to the rescue. (Part 3 of the 'When I'm WIth You'-Series)TRADUÇÃO — Bella é solitária e se esconde de todos, tem um amor platônico por Edward, bonito e sensual, mas ele precisa de aulas e recorre a ela, sem suspeitar que seu coração morto pode ser ressuscitado pelo toque de uma borboleta e não sabe como ela pode ser frágil.

Bella is anxious to finally meet the object of her desire: handsome, wealthy, enigmatic Edward Cullen.

I'd advise you, Mrs Queen, that it'll be much easier for you if I have your full cooperation.

Nonetheless, I will be fucking you with or without it." Bratva!

Olicity AUAll-in-all, it's the best kidnapping experience Felicity's had so far by a lot.

So, it's kind of an epic surprise when the fallout from it is so, so much worse. E para ambos, Alice e Jasper ainda eram o par ideal. While the sun rises in Nanda Parbat, Oliver and Felicity enjoy some post-coital conversation.

After almost three years of talking and teasing via e-mail, text and phone calls, is she truly ready for something real? Edward está animado para receber os padrinhos e sua 'priminha' em casa.

O que ele não imaginava é que a 'priminha' em questão já não era mais aquela garotinha boba e estava prestes a deixá-lo louco. Bella luta com seus hormônios em fúria durante um período de seca.

M - LEMONS - CONTEÚDO ADULTOOur story opens with a frightened seventeen-year-old girl on the run- battered, starved, exhausted and nine months pregnant. As coisas começam a mudar quando Edward pega ela se tocando debaixo de sua mesa no trabalho. DELETADA - DOWNLOAD em .br/download-lary-reeden-fanfics-deletadas/Everyone knows about the dangers of the Internet, the liars and the creepers. Edward and Bella met and fell despite the distance, but though his feelings were true, not everything he said was. ARROW AU - After finally becoming a couple, the worst possible thing you can imagine happens to Felicity Merlyn.

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