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It is no secret that few users bother to create an elaborate password.The explanation is simple, one has lots of accounts, several email addresses (for essential business, for spam etc.).Why bother to create each time new passwords and keep them in mind.

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As a matter of fact, you don't need remember all your passwords.

Everything has already been done for the benefit of the dearest client.

There are programs – password managers, more than that you can invent some methods of passwords formation for each site you use. We all human beings so all of us have something similar in behavior, in the way of thinking.

Creating a new password we have similar clues, we follow similar leads. Due to the statistics women suffer from hacking more often than men.

Once the accounts were compromised, the attackers essentially “rebranded” the account by changing profile photos, biographies, and name of the accounts to match the websites they were promoting.

Symantec has been investigating this issue, and they have found that there were a few high profile accounts that had followers from 20,000 upwards to hundreds of thousands that had been compromised.

It seems that these attackers are going after a variety of accounts, no matter the amount of followers.

If you’re an active Twitter user, some steps you can take to secure your account: 1.

Women tend to use vocabulary words (see p.1) what makes them more vulnerable.

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