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But Geeks Me won’t be tracking your under-the-sheets activities with the help of any especially fancy sensors.

There’s no word on price for the wearable at this point but Sánchez Díaz says Geeksphone intends to undercut the wristbands of “the Top-10 brands in the market”.

The design of the device has also not yet been finalized but Geeksphone is emphasizing fashion as another priority for its first wearable — which will arrive in the market in the wake of Apple’s also fashion-focused (and long trailed) Apple Watch, which is due to ship in April.

Apple’s smartwatch has the best chance of kindling mass market interest in wearables which have remained of relatively niche interest thus far.

So expect scores more small fish to try their hand with wearables once the Apple Watch lands.

Spanish smartphone maker Geeksphone, perhaps best know for its partnership with Silent Circle over the pro-privacy Android fork Blackphone, is expanding from handsets into fitness wearables.

The company has today teased a forthcoming fitness tracker bracelet (its first such device), called Geeks Me, which will have a circular, monochrome OLED display with 12 bi-color LEDS around it.Geeksphone tells Tech Crunch the tracker is currently in development and it’s hoping to launch it before the Spanish summer holidays — aka by the end of June, beginning of July.Along with the usual fitness tracker feature-set of step counter, calories burned and distance, it will also do sleep monitoring, and expand incoming smartphone message/call notifications to the wrist.Plus you get alarms and reminders, so will be able to set custom activity reminders (for instance). However Geeks Me will also include two less commonly found features in what is a very crowded space: namely “ecological footprint” tracking, for the environmentally conscious.And, well, for the performance anxious, a sex tracker.Yep: quantifying your sex life is apparently a desirable thing.

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