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Galaxy Pink ( is an American studio founded on 27 Sep 07. She even features herself as a character in SFK Volume 2… Pirate Amnesty” is the latest title in the SFK series, and was released on 25 Oct 11.

Since then, they have produced 8 titles, specializing in futanari (aka dickgirl) hentai art, most commonly depicting one or more futa elves in a medieval fantasy setting. The censored version available on dlsite for 630 JPY (.19 USD) or you can get the un-censored version from their official website for only .99 USD in PC/Mac versions… Even if you’re not interested in this title, you should definitely check out their official site; it’s in english, and contains alot of info about their work.

This title is a flash CG image gallery featuring 27 images of “Delphine” a Pirate Queen set sail for the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies.

In each of the still photos, different pieces of Delphine’s clothes can be toggled on or off.

There is also a futanari mode which gives the heroine a cock.

The futanari mode does not add any additional images, it just changes the existing ones.

With all variations of the base images, there are 179 total.

Delphine is nicely rendered, but conventional; her hair and eye color lack brilliance, and there’s nothing particularly exciting or exotic about her face and body.

It’s clear that the artist focused more energy on detailing her costume, and that feature is quite impressive.

The level of detail on Delphine’s pirate outfit is very high; complete with delicate accents like the embossing of her leather bracers and the fishnet lace adorning the trim of her bodice and gloves.

However, if the artist really wanted to impress us with this character, she should have patterned her after “Isabella” from the Dragon Age series RPG; now that’s a pirate queen that I want to see naked!

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