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I Was Quite Drunk Last Night, Didn’t Get To Sleep Until 5am, And Have Needed The Entire Day To Recover.

That’s Why I’m Posting So Late In The Day And Will Be Keeping This Post Short And Tell You All About It Later, Just Didn’t Want The Day To Go By Without Wishing You The Best Year Ever, And To Thank You For Visiting My Site.

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As the clip begins, the woman is seen in glasses with her hair scraped back and a hoody on.

She introduces herself and says: “Hey guys, here is another ass shaking video.“I am dressed super casually today, but that won’t stop me dancing.”All of a sudden the brunette beauty leans into the camera and shows off her impressive cleavage. As the girl starts shaking her backside in tiny grey shorts she attempts to cover her ample assets.

But the more she wiggles around, the less her bottom stays covered up.

The clip ends with the girl showing off pretty much her entire bum as she continues to shimmy in front of the camera.

Earlier this year, a geeky girl was caught on camera as she took on the challenge of riding a mechanical bull.

But as the video shows, it didn’t take long before her dress rode up and her entire bum was on show.

Last week a compilation video showed just how popular twerking really is when it reached 54 million views.

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