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In Naomi, Naomi avoids Emily at school and instead meets with her politics teacher Kieran.In the students' common room, they are informed of the upcoming elections for Student President. When she arrives at her house, she finds Emily waiting in her bedroom with another registration form (Naomi had also gotten one from Kieran).Emily starts to leave when Naomi is rude and standoffish to her — despite taking Emily's advice to enter the elections — but confronts Naomi instead.

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Synopsis: The affair between Naomi and Emily intensifies.

Cook is running for student president and challenges Naomi to sleep with him if he wins.

He does win but they get no further than kissing each other.

Freddie meanwhile tells Naomi that he has fallen out with Cook and loves Effy.

Naomi resists the advances of her teacher, Kieran,to have sex again with Emily,later finding Kieran in bed with her mother.

She ends up holding hands with Emily - through a cat flap.Synopsis: Emily confronts Naomi over her supplying Sophia with drugs.Emily has learned that Sophia was gay and her locker is a shrine to Naomi,though Naomi denies any sexual relationship between her and Sophia.Emily and Naomi then move in together but,at a party where Cook assaults one of the guests for no apparent reason, Emily gets Sophia's brother to open a box which contains Sophia's hand-drawn account of her affair with Naomi,who rejected her for Emily,hence her subsequent,drastic actions.In Everyone Emily tries to speak with Naomi about their kiss the year before but is brushed off.Emily is uncomfortable with Katie making homophobic slurs to Naomi but doesn't say anything.


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