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Today, it’s so much easier to engage in phone sex or sexting.Better yet, we now have access to sophisticated photo and video sharing capabilities via our smartphones. Or are we putting ourselves at risk of becoming exposed among our peers or going viral on Twitter?

It seemed so hot and so naughty at the time, didn’t it?

It certainly did for a small-town girl such as moi, but the moment I went mobile, phone sex changed forever.

The first time I was truly exposed to phone sex was during a scene from the ’90s rom-com The Truth About Cats & Dogs starring Uma Thurman and Janeane Garofalo.

In the film, Garofalo plays a radio DJ who intrigues one of her male listeners.

When he mistakes her for her model-esque neighbour (played by Thurman) they continue to correspond by phone until one night they agree to a little sexy talk. I remember sneaking into the ladies’ loo at work, awkwardly contorting myself over the toilet while snapping “sexy” pics to send to my boyfriend at the time.

In those days, though, the trick was to wait until all the other ladies had vacated the restroom, as camera phones made the most obnoxious clicking sounds.

There was no way of concealing your secret photo session pre-smartphone.

Better yet, we now have access to sophisticated photo- and video-sharing capabilities via our smartphones. Or are we putting ourselves at risk of becoming exposed among our peers or going viral on Twitter?

App developers have seemingly heard the cries from phone sexters the world over by creating apps to help protect one’s privacy.

And while many of these apps come with caution — you never know if your images are being stored on some server in Silicon Valley — they may be worth a try if you’re concerned about your sexy snaps leaking to the public.

Snapchat is a free app for all you dialling deviants, where you can engage in real-time picture chatting.


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