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Don’t feel that you have to remove the whole section in one go. When you have an area selected, hit the Delete key to remove it.

Resize it and place it so it looks natural in the second photo.

When stitching together an image for e Bay hosting, the goal is to create a photo that is generally square and completely filled with image.

That gives you the best coverage in the searches and at the top of the listing.

Watch the dimensions under the cells and aim for matching numbers, like 360x360.

Editing images on your Mac doesn’t have to be done in i Photo – Preview has a number of options that just aren’t possible in i Photo, including the ability to merge two or more images together.

Whether you want to edit a photo to add a person who wasn’t there before, replace an unsmiling face with a happier shot or just compare two photos side-by-side, you can do it in Preview with just a few steps.

It’s worth remembering that if you’re working with a PNG image file, you can remove its background too and save the image without losing the transparency.

When combining photos, working with PNGs is a vital step, so make sure you use them whenever you need images with blank areas. First, select your images and open them up in Preview.

You’ll need to make sure they open in separate windows, as copying and pasting within a single window can cause problems.

First, select the image you want to cut out and open up the Editing panel.

Here you’ll find the tools you need to remove the unwanted areas. Put your cursor over a colour you want to remove, then click and drag slowly away.

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