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Countries like Bostwana, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzanian dominate the prostitution business but Nigerians play at the highest level and rather than hang out at clubs for customers, they have agents that pimp them for rich foreigners who visit Malaysia for business or Holiday.Sources disclosed that the recent influx of young Nigerian girls into Malaysia is alarming and this is because they make good money there.

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Also are some Americans and European who come to Malaysia a lot because of the tourist attraction and while they are here, they make do with our girls for company.

They get paid @ least $500 per night and the lucky ones can make as much as $1000 per night.

The very smart ones are also into Yahoo business and all they need to do is lay their hands on the credit card number of the white guy and the rest is history” Since Nigerians hardly get employed in Malaysia, most of the guys are either into drug or fraud business unlike Europe and America, Malaysians are a bit laid back and they are yet to realise the extent of to internet fraud and one of the reasons it is easy to make money in Malaysia is because a lot of foreigners go there and they make use of nothing but their credit card so getting information of their credit card is very easy.

There are several types of internet fraud including telemarketing fraud, fraud alert, Nigerian letter or 419 fraud, impersonation/identity fraud, advance fee scheme, health insurance and redemption/bond fraud but in Malaysia the most common one is the credit card fraud.

Have you ever asked yourself why many young Nigerians (male and female) are visiting/relocating to Malaysia?

We all call them Yahoo Boys and wonder how they make their money.

There have been several speculations that they sell their kidney for 5m naira but we actually don’t want to believe that story because they all would have been dead after selling their two kidneys to maintain the kind of life they live.

After a concluded research we are convinced on wider knowledge of how they make money in Malaysia To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia.

That is the slogan for Asian country, Malaysia which has become a bubbling and bursting melting pot of races and religions all over the world as millions of tourists visit the country yearly because of its enormous tourist attractions and colourful festivals.

A country with diverse culture, one of the key attractions beyond the beaches is the towering skyscrapers looking down upon wooden houses built on stilts and five star hotels meters away from the ancient reefs.

Why many Nigerians are relocating to Malaysia has recently become a subject of discussion in the society.


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