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Nighthawks were "hawking" insects, as they continued to migrate in a westerly direction. A YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT was out on Long Island last Saturday on the North Fork, and other WARBLERS noted this week have included CAPE MAY, BAY-BREASTED and WILSON’S.

An adult RED-HEADED WOODPECKER was still around the Ramble in Central Park last weekend. Efforts made through afternoon to refind without much luck. good birding, Tom Fiore Manhattan -- NYSbirds-L List Info: Shorebirds in the Tonawanda Wildlife Management Area - at the Meadville Marsh, several each of BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER, SEMIPALMATED PLOVER, GREATER YELLOWLEGS, LESSER YELLOWLEGS and SEMIPALM. Other reports this week - at Point Breeze, on Lake Ontario at the mouth of Oak Orchard Creek, a feeding frenzy of over 70 D.-CREST. And a single GREAT EGRET on Johnson Creek at Route 18 in Orleans County. The others are new and are based on the Westchester site showing the 3 sections. There were other birds flitting about but the fading light put an end to the outing too soon.

A VIRGINIA RAIL has continued in Prospect Park at least to Thursday, a SORA was seen Sunday along Dune Road near Dolphin Lane, and 2 COMMON GALLINULES have been present recently at Massapequa Preserve on Massapequa Lake north of Merritt Road. --Found this morning by Barbara Garriel, seen through around 11am. It is wrong when it tends otherwise." - Aldo Leopold (18871948), U. wildlife biologist, conservationist, professor, author, best known for his book "A Sand County Almanac" (1949), which has sold more than two million copies. Three EARED GREBES now at the Batavia Waste Water Plant, with REDHEAD, GREATER SCAUP, numbers of RUDDY DUCKS, OSPREY, RED-SHOULDERED HAWK, SORA, BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER, KILLDEER, SPOTTED SANDPIPER, GREATER YELLOWLEGS, LESSER YELLOWLEGS and PECTORAL SANDPIPER. And at the marshes at Griswold and Route 77, SEMIPALMATED PLOVER, GREATER YELLOWLEGS, SEMIPALM. BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER also at the Gypsum Ponds, along Hutton Road in Oakfield. The only established hotspot is the Crestwood Lake location. Warblers included several Redstarts, a Parula, a Yellow-rump, a bright Pine, and a handsome male Cape May who put on quite a show.

Ninety-six ROYAL TERNS were at Cupsogue County Park Saturday. "A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. Highlights of reports received September 15 through September 22 from the Niagara Frontier Region. Fourteen species at Tifft Nature Preserve in Buffalo on September 15, and an ORANGE- CR. Also at Tifft this week, BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO, BLUE-HEADED VIREO and GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH. Bernie Sloan Piscataway How to report NJ bird sightings: see or e-mail to [email protected] help: [email protected] archives: Mickey Scilingo Constantia, Oswego [email protected] -- NYSbirds-L List Info: Welcome and Basics Rules and Information Subscribe, Configuration and Leave Archives: The Mail Archive Surfbirds Birding On The. -- Markers were created for the linear park 'Bronx River Pkwy Reservation' in Westchester County. Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Red-breasted Nuthatches were foraging in the pines, and there were phoebes and pewees flycatching from the branches.

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ETH Zurich, Switzerland Hoenggerberg campus, HIT, room E 41.1 For accommodation questions please contact Ms. Antoine Collin (EPHE Dinard) Jim Hench (Duke University) Sally Holbrook (UC Santa Barbara) Alex Kosenkov (ETH Zurich) Matthias Troyer (ETH Zurich) Ilia Zintchenko (ETH Zurich) Ana Barros (Duke University) Charlotte Cabasse (Berkeley) Alessandro Capra (Modena) Antoine Collin (EPHE Dinard) Neil Davies (Gump) Nicolas Gruber (ETH Zurich) Armin Gruen (ETH Zurich) Jan Gukelberger (ETH Zurich) Tao Guo (ETH Zurich) Jim Hench (Duke University) Hans Herrmann (ETH Zurich) Sally Holbrook (UCSB) Marania Hopuare (UPF) Mauro Iazzi (ETH Zurich) Reinhard Koenig (ETH Zurich) Alex Kosenkov (ETH Zurich) Petros Koumoutsakos (ETH Zurich) Heike Lischke (WSL) Matthias Muennich (ETH Zurich) Takashi Nakamura (Tokyo Tech) Yves Pastol (SHOM Brest) Chitra Ramasubramanian (ETH Zurich) Johanna Rosman (UNC-CH) Russ Schmitt (UCSB) Christoph Schaer (ETH Zurich) Daniel Tartakovsky (UCSD) Matthias Troyer (ETH Zurich) - Session 1: 4D Model - Welcome (Matthias Troyer) - 4D model (Alex Kosenkov) - Remote sensing I (Armin Grün and Tao Guo) - The need for modeling (Sally Holbrook and Russ Schmitt) - Discussions - Session 2: Mapping I - Island and reef scale multibeam mapping (Jim Hench) - Satellite-based water depth mapping (Antoine Collin) - Lidar-based water depth mapping (Yves Pastol) - Discussions - Session 3: Physical Modeling I - Weather models (Marania Hopuare) - Hydrology models and measurements (Ana Barros) - Wave and circulation modelling (Jim Hench) - Discussions - Session 5: Physical and biological models - Circulation and coral polyp modelling (Takashi Nakamura) - Modeling phys-bio interactions on reefs (Johanna Rosman) - Spatial-temporal modeling of forests (Heike Lischke) - Discussions - Session 6: - An overview of the Moorea IDEA (Neil Davies) - Ocean circulation models (Nicolas Gruber and Matthias Muennich) - Fluid flow at many scales (Petros Koumoutakos) - Discussions The series of workshops are designed to launch the IDEA Consortium, establishing its scope and organisation.

The goal is to develop a detailed roadmap by the end of 2014 for building the first 'avatar' (computational model/digital simulation) of a complete Social-Ecological System: the Moorea IDEA.


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