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Summary: Someone found a candidate for a story with a worse ending than The Night Wire: Edogawa Ranpo's The Human Chair.A man hides himself away in furniture and becomes obsessed with human contact. Arnold's "The Night Wire" is possibly the worst ending for an otherwise great weird fiction story emailed me to say he had a better candidate.It's weird and kind of spooky in its own way, and could be an allegory...until the ending. John, the reader, said that Edogawa Rampo's "The Human Chair" was, and I quote, "an even better weird story with an even worse ending". Even if bad endings are a dime a dozen in the weird/horror/etc genre, truly bad ones are almost formational to fans, especially when they are attached to stories that deserved so much better. Also, while I have heard of Rampo [according to Wiki, now romanized "Ranpo"] in connection with Japanese detective fiction, I had never read anything by him.Picked up a copy at the library I work at, and set off to test John's thesis. This is indeed a great weird story—whether it's better than "The Night Wire" is debatable, but it feels more memorable than Arnold's story—and it indeed has an absolutely stinker of an ending.Buckle up, Doabites, I am about to spoil a story, though thankfully this is the kind of story, I'd say, that spoilers do not absolutely ruin.Me just telling you about it has a similar impact as you reading it, but go ahead and put it on your "to be read" list as well...

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