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At the end of the hallway you meet a man with a goats head who is offering you a deal: 'if you bring him 10 most precious objects from your childhood, he will kill the psychopath for you'.

Obviously the whole drama is taking place in your house, so you can use familiar hiding places if you hear the killer coming your way.

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He is awakened a minute later by Harris, who hands Chase a crowbar as a weapon.

Across the way, a storage facility is seen and Harris suggests heading for it to collect supplies.

Down on the street, Chase spots a picture of children and Harris is attacked and devoured by walkers, while Chase manages to break down the facility's door and enter the building.

Chase then darts into a storage unit and attempts to lower the shutters, but some walkers manage to reach underneath them.

Suddenly, all three walkers are shot dead by an unseen person in the corridor.

Collect childhood memories and bring them back to the daemon who will then kill the maniac for you.

Terrifying survival horror game made in Unity 3d technology.

The game begins in such a way that you find a man kneeling in the middle of the room saying 'There is only one person I have to kill'. Against an armed maniac you stand no chance whatsoever, and that is why you make a pact with the devil.

The Walking Dead este un serial de televiziune american post-apocaliptic horror produs de Frank Darabont pe baza seriei omonime de benzi desenate din 2003 The Walking Dead de Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore și Charlie Adlard.

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