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When I actually posted this a while back, I did not believe in Physical Shapeshifting..... I know for a fact now, that this sort of bodily manipulation is possible. I'm a werelion and I'm just passing through to say hello. so I'm a little different from a shifter but eh we're all shifting our shape somehow.I'm not super active on EP but I've been trying to make more supernatural friends in real life so it doesn't hurt to have a nice...

My family was still awake, I'd gone to bed a couple hours before. I want to meet the small cats and compare experiences. wanting to talk to other cats before this place shuts down. My genealogy literally falls off the face of the earth. it comes to the point that on the full moon my muscles sometimes shift(kinda painful) so i hope im getting somewhere. A familiar is an animal whom helps a witch in his/her magic.

or people who are going to tell me things I know not to be real. So to say this I'm obviously not a "shifts" for I did not turn... the government is EVERYWHERE please don't be stupid with this.. also when i get mad, like FUMING mad, my pupils turn into slits. I have read everything I can get and nothing in there says a familiar cannot be a shapeshifter.

I was wondering if any of ya'll are interested, any flavor of shifter is fine with me...

I'm honestly surprised at the amount of people on here (not just this group, but Other groups) who know little to nothing of what's going on with the group they're associated with.

I suppose that's the bad thing about someone creating a group like this one that perhaps doesn't... Whenever the feeling comes over me, I sometimes feel a bit doubtful and ask if it's true, and my guides almost always immediately respond with "Why not?

" I feel deeply connected with other animals, but snakes and other reptiles keep...So I just thought that say some of us actually have some sort of bloodline ancestry with shapeshifters, but it's only just starting to make its way back.We ourselves have certain traits that have some relation with our spirit animals, if you would call them such. and and especially about one wolf in particular he is a wolf with golden hazel eyes and when I dream about that wolf I dream about it being me and that somehow I am apart of him and that we are one and well it's just that this wolf that I dream about is the same one that I have... If you are here for the simple task of "research", you are here for a reason.I am a descendant from the Cherokee Tribe, and for those who know that you may p-shift. I come to you with a simple message: You are not alone. Try and find that reason instead of simply observing. well lets put it plain and simple- i am a were-cat. i know some don't believe that were-cats exist but we do. if there is any wolves of other were-cats out there, i could use a friend. It has been at least 6 years since I started to realize what I am, and 5 years since I truly awakened to it.You must be careful, which who from my tribe has stayed hidden for years. Our Tribe has suffered through enough over the years. I found this story online and decided to share it In the long ago time, there was a Cherokee Clan called the Ani-Tsa-gu-hi (Ahnee-Jah-goo-hee), and in one family of this clan was a boy who used to leave home and be gone all day in the mountains. Looking back, I always knew what I am, but it was a game for me and my friends. 1) Do you have dialogues with your animal side whether verbally (in your mind) or using body language (in your mind)? 3) Are partial shifts possible to help prepare you for a full shift?I had a friend wo would introduce herself as a vampire and I would... I ask all who would like a home to call there own, and a refuge from the stress of the world. For example- changing only your hand to a paw, growing...


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