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The Sloane catalogues nevertheless provide evidence that Lawson had begun work on his ambitious plan for a natural history of Carolina.

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This paper presents the missing plate 13 which was prepared separately in the Yonne and never previously published; it identifies errors which were not corrected in the published version, and differences between Cotteau’s original proof version and that which was published. Careful observation combined with experiments provided observers with means of differentiating birds from boats and aircraft. After Petiver’s death in 1718, his collection was acquired by Hans Sloane and subsequently incorporated into the natural history collections in the British Museum.

Plate 13, of Spatangus heinzi Gauthier, whilst called for in the text, was not included. David Lack, of the Army Operational Research Group, showed that many unexplained echoes came from flying birds, despite critics at the time. As part of his plan for a “Compleat History” of the region, John Lawson, Surveyor-General of North Carolina, collected plants and animals in 17 from Virginia and North Carolina and shipped them to James Petiver in London.

Subsequently the section of the genus Spatangus was published in Isère as a posthumous journal article with the same twelve plates. The use of radar to detect ships and aircraft became a key part of Britain’s defence in the early part of the Second World War, but not all echoes were those of operational targets. JOHNSTON: Zoological material for John Lawson’s “Compleat History” of Carolina (1710–1711): specimens recorded in Hans Sloane’s catalogues.

A limited number of copies of this first part, which included twelve plates, was printed for private circulation. BEASLEY: David Lack and the birth of radar ornithology.

The first issue of Cotteau’s monograph on the post-Eocene echinoids of France, destined to be his final contribution to Paléontologie française, had reached proof stage when he died in 1894.

KEY WORDS: museum studies – social order – temperance – urbanization – Edinburgh Museum of Science and Art – Scotland R. STOKES: Gustave Cotteau’s posthumous 1897 monograph on Miocene Spatangus (Echinoidea) of France, the missing plate 13, and the death of Paléontologie française.

JANSEN: : Coenraad Jacob Temminck versus Pauline Knip. Bond’s expedition to the Paria Peninsula and delta of the Orinoco, Venezuela (1911) O. The tensions between temperance, and the broader concerns about social order, were played out over the matter of the museums themselves being licensed premises.

DORR: “Muy poco se sabe de los resultados”: Francis E. The perceived importance of the embodied messages of social order, as an antidote to radicalism and revolution, overrode concerns about temperance and abstinence and immediate fears for the physical safety of collections.

These signal a motivation, in the mid-nineteenth-century, to naturalize the established social order through the systematic arrangement and display of natural history specimens.

Biographical details are provided for the three principals; Francis E. KEY WORDS: James Bond – Stewardson Brown – Thomas S. The roles, affordances and social agency of natural history museums are discussed in relation to the writings of Edward Forbes.

MAGANA-COTA: An unpublished manuscript of Alfredo Duges related to the classification of lizards according to tongue morphology, 1898. Bond and companions to the Paria Peninsula and delta of the Orinoco, Venezuela, in early 1911 is described. The itinerary of their three and a half month expedition is elaborated, and notes are provided on the collections of plants, animals, and artefacts that they gathered in South America and deposited in the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia on their return. SWINNEY: Edward Forbes (1815–1854) and the exhibition of natural order in Edinburgh.


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