Tips for writing your online dating profile sleehak enkellaars online dating

The ugly truth however is that your target will not be interested in what you want in a woman, they will be more interested in what they want in a man and will look for those signs in your profile.Use these tips for writing your personal online dating profile – and shine online!

If you are looking to meet your match through online dating portals, then you would be wise to remember that your pictures will attract attention but your words will keep it. Imagine that you are going for a job interview and are about to face your potential employer, who is looking for certain personality traits, this is exactly the scenario on the dating portals, with the only difference of this being for a date and not a job.

Know What To Say Remember that you will not be able to attract every woman who views your profile but you will succeed in attracting the kind that you want.

The fundamental mistake that all men make is end up saying the wrong things to women and look like a complete idiot.

It is important to put yourself in your target’s shoes and then come up with a profile that will please you first.

Put Yourself In A Woman’s Shoe Your ultimate interest is to tighten up your profile such that you are able to attract whom you want to.

You will do well to stop, slow down and think about what you will like to read if you are that special person and frame a profile based on that.

Remember that your profile will be read by a woman and not a man.

Women read and see things different from a man –so be double sure about what you put there on your profile.

It will be a good idea to check with your female friends about what their opinion is on your profile and get to know ‘what women want’ before you eventually put it up.

Grammar and Spell Check Ensure that you write proper English and you got the grammar and spellings right.

Women do not find wrong English and grammar very amusing and almost instantaneously, you will be shut out.


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