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Includes parts in A and B-flat for clarinet; 2 parts for horn (one without key signatures). 354) Badinage London: Boosey & Hawkes, 1941 / Melville, New York: Belwin-Mills Music, 1941 By the Sleepy Nile New York: American Music Center Chicago: Gamble Hinged Music Co., 1940 Rustic Dance Oskaloosa, Iowa: C. Barnhouse Scherzino all’Antica New York: Pro Art, sole selling agent: Belwin, 1946 See also: . Each of the five movements features a different member of the quintet, and relates to a siren from Green mythology.

Sæverud (Saeverud), Ketil SEE Hvoslef, Ketil 8 Meditationer over ett C-dur-ackord, Op. They also have a recording available on their recordings page.

56 Oslo: Musikk-Husets, 1985 Recorded by the Bergen Blasekvintett, PCS 1094 Simax, CD, 1992 Described as more difficult to perform than the first quintet. Woodwind Quintet “La nouvelle Orleans” (1987) Beverly Hills, Ca.: Scherzo Music, 1987, Maryland Heights, Mo.: Scherzo Music distributed exclusively by Keiser Classical Milwaukee, Wis.: Distributed exclusively by Hal Leonard, 2012 Recorded by the Dorian Quintet, Summit Records, Koch International: DCD 117 Summit.

61 (1976) Stockholm: STIMS Informationscentral for Svensk Musik Flute doubles on piccolo. 62 (1976) Stockholm: STIMS Informationscentral for Svensk Musik Flute doubles on piccolo. 27 (1952) Helsinki: Suomalaisen musiikin tiedotuskeskus (Finnish Music Information Centre) Quintetto (1969) Helsinki: Suomalaisen musiikin tiedotuskeskus (Finnish Music Information Centre) Score may be downloaded from net/composers/ . More recently, score and parts are available under a Creative Commons license from the International Music Score Library Project, v3 (Vision 3) (2002) dramatic work for woodwind quintet and 32 indigenous South American instruments. Bach concerts in New York with the esteemed “New York Pick-up Ensemble” and enjoyed them and his many recordings. See also: Two generations of TV and movie viewers know Schifrin’s work as the composer of the theme to “Mission Impossible” and music for other popular shows, but this quintet shows a very different musical side to the composer.

New York: American Music Center According to the composer, “Vision III is a poetic view of the invasions of Central and South America from the indigenous point of view and uses 32 indigenous instruments, festival masks and stagelighting together with the woodwind quintet to tell its story. See also: Yes, I know only 7 players are listed for the octet. [Andrew Brandt] Heiteres und Ernstes in einem Vorspiel und sieben Teilen, Op. 957 (1973) Scherbaum also wrote a Sextet for quintet and piano. Schmidt, Edition Cefes, 1899 / Score and parts available for download from the International Music Score Library Project at: . He only rarely performs now, but that leaves him more time for his “serious” composing, including the work featured here. Bach, rush and order some of the albums and also get “The Definitive Biography of P. This is a quirky work requiring a professional-level quintet with a great deal of rhythmic security.

Taking a long view, the piece begins in archetypes of pre-history and travels in its six movements into a vision of future happiness that includes audience participation.” Written for members of the Quintet of the Americas, which owns the set of indigenous instruments. Also, Michael Schelle is no longer on the ACA website, and his personal website doesn’t list this piece. 209 (1965) See also: the composer wrote 1931 works (according to his website), hence the unusual opus numbers. 299 (1967) manuscript 10 Teile für Bläserquintett, Op. Ziguidor (1977) London: Boosey & Hawkes, 1982 For flute/piccolo, oboe/English horn ad lib., clarinet/bass clarinet ad lib., bassoon, horn (the performer at times required to place the bell of the instrument against the skin of a side drum with snares), and pre-recorded tape made by the performers. A version also published as part of the Andraud collection 22 Woodwind Quintets. Bach (the last and least of Johann Sebastian Bach’s sons). If, somehow, you are a musician and have not heard of P. The difficulties of the work are exacerbated by the fact that the publisher puts no cues in any of the parts, requiring the players to spend hours checking the score, writing in cues and memorizing other parts before performing the work.

See also: https://judithsaintecroix.wordpress.com/ . Creation Musicale Bläserquintett (1993) Edition Dieter Salbert, Reiherweg 3, 38527 Meine, Germany / Meine: Musikverlag Zahoransky, 2007 für Bläserquintett, Sopran (Vokalisen), & Synthesizer, 1972 Edition Dieter Salbert, Reiherweg 3, 38527 Meine, Germany The arranger, Carlos Visnivetski (1944-2010), was an oboist with the Orquesta Sinfonica de Bahia Blanca in Argentina. Movements: Peter Schickele has led a double life as a composer and as a musical satirist and humorist, known as Professor Peter Schickele, the musicolologist who discovered P. The lack of printed cues adds a huge amount of time to the preparation of the work. The first is a rhythmically complex, angular, often staccato section, sometimes requiring many of the players to play in complex rhythmic unison, alternating with brief solos for the different instruments.

A recording of the original tango can be heard at: . An alternate title for this work might be “In Memoriam: Nightmare Begins Reality.“ which is listed on the Dorian Wind Quintet website. This leads into the second contrasting section which pays homage to the New Orleans blues tradition (with a nod to the Preservation Hall Jazz Band style), hence the title.

In June, 2016, Horacio Salgán was celebrating his 100 Mimo I for wind quintet (first version) (1982) flute/alto flute, oboe/English horn, clarinet, horn, bassoon/contrabassoon. Short Stories (1994) Editions BIM Commissioned for the Aspen Wind Quintet. Primavera, three movements for wind quintet (1984, rev. This part begins with a slower section, reminiscent of a New Orleans jazz funeral procession, followed by a quicker blues march, with a brief slow coda.

Helsinki: Suomalaisen musilikin tiedotuskeskus – Finnish Music Information Centre / Chester Music In Memoriam: W. 2002) London: Stainer & Bell, 2002 See also: also: Midwinter Spring (1984, revised 2000) London: Stainer & Bell, 1997 Original version was for a quartet for oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn. The clarinet, naturally, has a prominent role in the jazz sections.

Wind Quintet Score and parts available to download under Creative Commons from: Angel (2012) Published by the composer Available under a Creative Commons license from the International Music Score Library Project, . The two sections are knitted together by a simple rhythmic figure – especially prominent in the first section – which reappears in the funeral march.

Sextet for woodwind quintet and guitar Score and parts available to download under Creative Commons from: 3 movements: Ondine Press; see The tune played to announce the entrance of the President of the United States. Everybody gets a chance to display their technique.


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