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It's the same for alot of the straight sites as well.

This includes Bebo, Facebook, Myspace, You Tube, Photobucket, phone, email, Skype, gaming ID and messenger IDs such as MSN, AIM, Yahoo etc.

Anything that can be used to identify you or contact you off-site is not allowed here.

You are also not permitted to link to any Chat Rooms outside of Empty Closets, regardless of whether they are anonymous or not.

Just be cautious when meeting anyone for the first time; I recommend asking to see them on webcam or, if they have no webcam, asking them to send you an oddball pic, something that they'd have to make just for you, such as holding a can of soup while making a funny face or something.

That way, they can't impersonate somebody else using their pics.

If they have a million excuses as to why they can't do this, they probably aren't real.

But even if you verify identity, always best to meet in a public place first, and if you have the slightest concern, to bring a friend along as well.

This applies everywhere public on Empty Closets, including forum posts, wall messages, profile, signatures, blogs, comments, chatroom etc.

Any such posts will be deleted and the poster will be banned for at least ONE MONTH.

I know of a couple of gay teen chat rooms, but to be honest, the ones I've found seem to consist almost entirely of older men wanting to talk sexually or webcam with young teenage boys. Not that it helps you, but there is a site for under 25yo's in Australia called ozlounge, which im a member of...

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