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Obviously if you don`t want anything about the game spoiled you shouldn`t be reading this so don`t complain to me if you get the game ruined by reading my walkthrough.As for my friend code I'll probably post it but most of the time you'll be fighting against my sister.Not to say that's a bad thing because she's just as good as me.

Once I have the game I'll put the friend code here.

Our online name is Hinata-Gaara (my favourite character = Hinata, my sister's favourite character = Gaara) and our friend code is 2192-7817-1618 Please don't e-mail me about Jutsus or LNPs unless I already have something down for the character.

For example if I have something down for Naruto's jutsu/LNP and you notice that I'm missing something for him, then you can tell me about it, but if I don't have anything that means I havn't tried that character out yet, so wait for me to put something for those first.

---Version Number--- Version: 0.4 - November 11-12, 2009 Started guide Did the template for what will go into guide Added all 40 confirmed characters and their personal info Version: 0.5 - November 13, 2009 Added correct characters to Initial and Secret character sections Version: 0.55 - November 15, 2009 Very minor update.

Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 By: pm_videogame ----Table of Contents--- 1) Legal 2) Introduction 3) Version number 4) Controls 5) Game mechanics 6) Story Mode 7) Mission Mode 8) Characters Initial Characters Secret Characters 9) Secrets 10) FAQ 11) Closing 12) Special Thanks ---Legal--- In no way may you reproduce this document for anything other than personal use.

If you want to use part of this document for something please contact me and I'll probably give you permission.You can contact me at: [email protected] you have any questions, or want to help me by adding something that I don't have to the walkthrough. This is my second attempt at having a walkthrough on Game Faqs, and this time I will succeed.If you find any mistakes throughout this walkthrough, whether it be related to the game or any spelling or grammar mistakes, please let me know.My e-mail address is in the legal section if you want to send me one with any questions or comments.I hope to do a really great job on this walkthrough and I hope it`s really informitive.Since there are many spoilers floating around about the future of Naruto that many people who do not read the manga would know, I have tried my best to keep spoilers that I know(because I read the manga) out of this walkthrough.

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