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PRESS ISSUe 71 • March 1994 • £3-25 Ovgrsess price £3.50* Ml 15.95 /A ► r" (i \ I \ Professional 3D graph plotting program with Pro Draw and Post Script support March 1994 Superb 3D graph program Includes support lot Post Script, Aegis Draw and more U- *V I 1 UVt rnton interview t Upper Disk Tools • Hu monoids • Em plant • BJC-600 • Monitors Amiga Guide • Vidi Amiga 24 (RT) t Panasonic KX-P2123 Amigas at Molyneux § A2A Font converter and much more! MINDSCAPE Mindscape International Ltd., Priority House, Charles Avenue, Mailings Park, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH1 5 9PQ Tel: 0444 246333 Fax: 0444 248996 © 1993 Microids. L roof spot I 0— JS Q Q II helpful mode of transport I think you'll agree, A sneaky way te get tots of Strej Hils, «rr I mean tokens Platformers come and go without so much 05 second glance from the gomes-playing public. And boy, it was worth me eflort Smoother than the guy's chin off the Gillette advert*, fostec than a Femari r and more ployab W than your firtie cousin's Scalexlric, Cool Soot is quite something. tf you sclerals battle using tfionual cotvffi f then yog can did?

j 9 770959"963 3 i^A INDI DIRECT MAIL is original and very exciting. So winy should Cool Spol be any different Whol'i going to make this release stand ad from count- ies s olhers* Hove foilh, believe me - this is different. I screamed, cried, sulked and blackmailed my way to reviewing it. OK, so the gome is based wound a smr J, red dol, but hey, who car es? through your 5»ces until yi 1 are ridingun one of your vehicles, Cc itr Orvan be at total or as partial as yi \ wish, with If V objeel being to loco e potential tc '- gets and des Wy them.

Before you buy mail order you must first be confident chat you will receive the product you've ordered and that the sup- plier will still be there in the future, should you need them, A mail order purchase from INDI ts a safe and secure deci- sion and heres why, Indi is a wholly owned subsidiary of a public company now in its eleventh year of trading and spe- cialising in the supply of computer products. First I saw the console v Wliwi, and gob smocled by i! Certainly not me guvnef, Virgin have taken the most undesirable of undesirables - namely a facial blemish - and turned it into a computer game. _ BEAST J' BLACKCRYPT, ST AMIOA ...-Nit A....-.AM 5. Once a liendly vehii e has been destroyed then play Is switched to n next one available.

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No Deposit Credit INDI are now able to offer competitive credit facilities on all orders over £100. rrejr Jrr»r'2J) A7J..5pt Krshu Hk- -H •"■ A"4 (il:i..;liu.l|.| . He lolls along, huge trainers and all, arms swinging 01 his sides belting 05 if he hasn't a core In the world, not looking even dightry perturbed that oil his friends hove been kidnapped and locked in cages, and ihat he must rescue them. _ AMSQATQESCARTTV LEAD TWIN EXT 4STKX/X' ~ LEAD EXT JSTKX OR UOl LEAD AMi OA TO PHILIPS I, LEAD NULL UOCs O* Rm HFAO 7T3 HEADS ARCADE FRUIT *_._ ft WOVWVT' . Campaign 2 also includes an extensive data- base of military hardware and equipment, all of which is al your fingertips.

Payment can be over 12, 24s now ij increase i iia not be Ampler, Keyboard Option iiito the Sa Add a key- board by Printer Option Hvvt that you have a real »implv plujsiflf into the SX ! He must collect certain number of red tokens which can be found around n Se level, before he can locate and if- then blast open the cage containing one of his chums, ihus rescuing h im . This information can be used to your direct advantage when Involved in conflicts, especially when engaging opposition who control superior Wes.

and turn your computer, why not add a ran Monie Printer . Other objects con be buna ond will help Cool Spot considerably sush os super-cool counters worth seven nor- mal tokens, or one-ups usually hidden behind parts of the scenery. Coal Spot can get around by means of floating bc Jocns, blobby bubbles and bouncy babbles. The exceptionally wonderful graphics and 9 linnt sound effects will ensure thai you become bared, too. Campa :g - 3 is a fairly well balanced mixture flffl PCTl Wl BT il ZSZdtl Clicking art to this Kreen gives you Statistics from the database regarding the relevant vehicle of 3D arcade style shooting blended with a strong strategy approach.

I CDl I miaa real computer and onjay senoilt graphics and Word Processing External Floppy Drive Option Add a Zappo Floppy Drive and hare access to the thousands erf low - coif Anruga title*. up to | — ^^^^^^^— - ' '"-IIIV" f "|-* *- BMb by the simple addition of Industry stan- dard 11 - bit Slmms. Parts of scenery con also be moved by pushing oggmsl them, -p* Cool Spol is armed with fizzy drink; bombs which he must lire at the various enemies he will encounter throughout the many levels Coal Spot musi make his way through beaches, where he must avoid nipping crustaceans, Spat messes with the big (h«sn, Walci out far thou trap* though, they can erl W proprl \ft,u l& new heights or.... The funky/ jazz/reaj O musk will cater for all tastes and is well on same of the usual platform dross. While I enjoyed the bottle simulations and enjoyed controlling the various tanks, I can see strategy purists being put off by the arcade elements.

New CD 32 Owners ew Amiga CD32 Pack 1 1 Amiga CD32+ 4 garoes - I cauniogj 1 1 Zappa Drive 3 1 Keyboard I 4 'i SXI Ex[i:iiisiun Module Normal Price Litiimh Price £66 6W.99 £45^9 £139."-° i5$$. Nice touches, such as the way Cool 'i; yawns when left standing,, or wipes his surge es, show the huge amount of attention to ofl that has been Wished on this release Mr Cool is definitely ihe spot with the k»« platforrner addicts everywhere will lurve it smart tunic, no shiny boots. However, if you're a fairly well balanced human being I envisage that there'll be more than enough of both interest and of visual Stimu- lation to keep you occupied.

W r 075.0(1 £48.99 E45.99 JEW t'4Ci K.98 Can now enjoy all of Che advantages of real compubra by adding a keyboard and other standard penpherals. Jusl o dirty sock shirt, gangrenous beard and o green I fotows you crowd everywhere, vj these parameters far your apparel and look, it comes as no surprise thai the r'j more dionce of the beautiful senorita run- I off with Captain Pugwash than your good i Hie reality of the situation it's a good job imagination of Hollywood and computer are programmers, although Pirates takes nasi of its rorocntic •*menl from Hollywood, large chunks of the ■Marios are lifted directly from the annals of • lory. SB ■AMIGA 12.19 rwmwjiwtr ___ 22,99 THAVERKXIMQOOCl Oarm Otl&l.... 13.99 Qtaawr TCfvr Ms^ir Wpfi ATEK QVICICJOr Wd TPEj^—^.—,., j».» UANTA RAYAU7II HRE 300O HANDHELD. S0 UOUSE STf AMKi A OQOD REPLACEMENT I3.9B PLUME HXttl M NHmti XJOl STEXl IAI Uj C CLEAR ST/AWOA " i*6 VPQRAOE AMIGA KXt 3 fma UFSRAOEAMt OASOa* 613K UFORAOEAS09 WTTH CLOCK- 512K UPGRADE A10B NO CLOCK SB CAPACITY DISK BOX- BUST COVER BB33 MUM y ONffo A. SIMON CLAYS ION 0©000®0*O)O) AUDIO ©000000 ^ 1 meg J March 1M4 G**"W 12S Arabian Nights • Buzz • £14.99 it on oction-pocked platform adventure. and I have to hold up my and soy mat it's quite good - but more •* about that in a minute.Add a floppy drive and en|oy access to thousands of low ccit Amiga titles. 99 1.19.99 £19,99 £19,99 £19.99 ill -99 £19 99 1 1 9-99 i 16.49 £19.94 £17,99 £11.99 Commodore 1084 Stereo Monitor The Commodore HUMi Stereo Monitor. Featuring * Swrrt Sound * H^gh resolution display * Ergonomk Design " Fv HI Amijp Connectivity ftjfc £ 1 89.99 Zappo External Floppy Drive Thif new monitor' has been spe- : .. i ■ 1 Drimi -isi SViyi To Kllli Mt A Ai L^DMheii Weyi A3J Bulnniii Tin :■■' .1) Nnii-eshifi AJS Mi I'l Hiilii Head Afl« l...i»lj! ^ far instance, yov con choose to unbuckle your over a period of some 150 years, raking ; mantle of a Bril of a number of now EC nbers who we English weren't very friendly i at the rime, becoming a Spanish pirate, or a French aa Wihjrer isn't enough to satiate your desire for plundering friendly, defenceless traders, then you can don the garb of a famous explorer or one of the more infamous npgoes to soil the high seas. You picy the part of a chie er's S-eiper wh getting on with his work .Add a pr»ncer and move into mapbi CS and word pretessir™. ly designed for the New Amiga 1 1 computers in order for yeu t D enjoy their fantastic graphics to the full. , £347.99 Sharp Monitor / TV Ypu"ve seen all the reviews mi this popular and afford- able second Amiga drive. Frjiiun m^rure - ' kmm rlprim Aj*...r Uir Jeji Of The UArk H Slu* , V K ..lraj| '., il, i i, 1 H Mike Tyiisi unim -.4 ■ .(.2 A«... Having pondered aver whether to play Captain Morgan or Francis Drake, you have the opportunity to make a few other choices that have a direct bearing cm your future. ing distracted by beautiful princess Leila, Just luck would have ft, i evil demon takes a foncy princes* ond capture} her, You somehow get lock, in the palace dungeon, so not only da you hove to rescue Ihe fair princes* you also hove to escape ta prove your innocence.The expansion possibilities are as flexible as if you owned and Amiga 1 2D0 SKFa RATEPRIi SXI OD32 Expansion Module £|}9 99 CDJ2 Keyboard £45.99 Zappo Drive sale price HB.99 iga CD32 Software Titles Dangerous Streets Dc Cfrfpre - — ' Sensible Soccer QA#T Mfift Arenas Jiitl T) Nig-el Marw* World Cr«rtipionst#s J&*fi Mnrph P&f? "Compatible with all Amijps Quality 9 out of 10 Exceptional wa J ue for money. The superb Sharp 1 4" Monitor I TV provides a reaf aftcmative to a Commodore Monitor with full function remote control 39 channel electronic auto sca Kth liming digi- tal oti screen display and 1.5 watt Mpo iudrdabie price. For example, you can adjust the difficulty level and mare rmportonlry select your special ability. England Tel: 071 391 S99S or 0 Fa*: 0 Some shop prices will di Nw THE p PAVTS AMOA f AO , _.. - - What oil this boils down ta is ■ form, puizle-packed„ Overall: epic pr The hero of Arabian Nights must fight against lev- erol dangers throughout the adventure including beefy guards, rabid bird attacks, spikes ond acid boths.Overkill / Lunar J3W9 Pinba JI £**^ Pirate* Gold ^**^ Zno L £&# Alfred Chicken Offlf T Castles 2 J-"*""* , Chambers of Shaolin j J&F? We found tru- p*i ■■1 nroces sing package to use with it. This range of skils varies from expertise with a sword through to charm with officials and more importantly, the lor Jies. 17.9S -17,96 ....17.96 ,...17.96 „., 17,96 ~t TM ...19.9$ ..48.96 „,i7.*6 mm -74Jt -I79JS . To slop the game becoming tedious, Krisolis have imple- mented o huge puzzle de- . This sometimes Involves bring- letting money or trading oujrk?5" together with Panasonic we decided to 'd*s of word processing isn't far ynu FREE Word Proc onic KX-P2I23 i Ml £**C £209.99 Spring Sale whlst Stocks Last -IM-STCOVER -| It nn rinter Accessories II Panasonic Automatic Sheetfecder -Auiomsule iheetfeetfcr for KXP 21 13 ho W* 80 A4 sheets "JUL PRICE £89.99 2\ Printer Dii¥t Cover -Specially tailored quality dust cover for the Panasonic KX 2 1 23 printer INDt PRICE »,? Onte you've deliberated: over your options, if i time to cast off and head out into the blue and briny. foctar does Ice Arabian Night* little bil more satisfy some of its com- w this CO version isolis' plotformer isn't 'ifferant from th- grcpbks hove been enhanced and e between three different levels of detail, but I couldn't really tell the difference ber* ihe choices.


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