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You find the technology has changed so much from when you last dated.

You might think well this is great, you can see the potential dates on screen…but they can see you too! When you have an offline, non-visual conversation whether that be in a letter, a text or an e-mail you are only exposing your thoughts.

The person is not getting to see what you look like, right?

Okay, so given that looks and sex appeal are subjective, when you put up a video profile you are revealing more of yourself.

Yet you don’t know exactly what that potential date seeks in a partner in terms of how they sound, their looks, how they dress?

They are not really topics you discuss online right?

So just like in recruitment which I worked in for several years, you don’t go putting a photo of yourself on your CV! From personal experience recruiters and headhunters will more often than not screen you out! Because they see and analyse far more than the casual eye!

You may think you look smart in that suit but if it is out of style or you wear it sloppily, it will gain you no points.

In fact you will be seen as not professional looking and won’t even get an interview!

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