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'Zane's Sex Chronicles' will spark intense and insightful conversations about love, relationships, and sexuality.

Charmane Star was born Sheryn Lascano on May 5, 1980, in the Philippines.

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Jade decides she wants more than her "friends with benefits relationship with Cyclone.

Taariq is suspicious of Ana Marie's past connection with Nathan.

Lyric and Estaban celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary with a big party.

Patience writes about two couples who decide to try "swinging" by switching partners.

Maricruz is surprised to find she is having hot fantasies about her ex-husband, Randall.

Jade can't shake the passion she feels for her former lover from the military, Cyclone - the sex is just too good.Lyric can't seem to shake almost lover John - he won't give up.Taariq's new record label pairs him up with a sexy female rapper, Reaction, and Ana Marie's old insecurities begin to resurface.Maricruz returns home from hospital after a two-week stay. Jade and Trinity have recently been discharged from the military and both are hot and heavy in the pants.Randall informs Maricruz that he has ended his relationship with Stacy. Trinity is sleeping with Kerrigan and Patience is not comfortable with that.He is a changed man who regrets the past and wants to rectify his mistakes to try to rebuild their family. Taariq is feeling the heat from a new rapper on the scene, The Syndicator, and is disturbed that even Ana Marie seems to think The Syndicator is extremely talented.


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